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dart boards ireland
dart boards ireland

Dart Boards Ireland Buying Guide

This dart boards Ireland buying guide is here to tell you everything you need to know before buying a dartboard.

There’s many different styles and brands of dart boards available in Ireland to buy right now, so it’s important to know the intricacies.

So below are our top tips when buying a dart board.

Dart Boards Ireland Top Tips

Bristle Dartboard

Dartboards made of bristles are seen as being more conventional. It is constructed of compressed natural sisal.

A form of fiber derived from the agave plant is called sisal. Sisal is used to make some of the dartboards of the highest caliber that you see on television.

However, not all sisal is created equal.

Bristle dartboards have many advantages. If properly maintained, they can last for a very long period.

These will last longer and are much easier to play with.


The dart board components are divided by wiring.

However, some dartboards have thicker wiring, which can be highly annoying when playing darts.

Typically, the thicker wire will result in more bounce outs. Additionally, wiring has the potential to deform and bend, which could make your darts game less reliable.

Additionally, the wiring on some dartboards is stapled inside the double and triple sections, which is quite annoying because these are the most crucial places. I aim to have as little as feasible in these areas.

Dartboards often contain round and triangle wiring. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages, but recently, we have seen some great alternatives, such as blade wiring.

Comparing the bladed wiring to the other forms of wiring, the difference in thickness can be as high as 50%. Your game will be considerably easier because the bladed wiring takes up much less room.

Removable Number Ring

A dart board that can be rotated will last much longer.

So if you can remove the outer number ring it is a huge advantage and it takes seconds to do.

Rotating the dartboard is really important to let other parts of the dartboard breathe and prevent uneven wear.

Dartboard Accessories

Some dartboards come with added extras which can be great for the beginner.

Stuff like:

If you’re just starting off, this can save you a lot of money and also offer a neat way of tidying away and storing all your equipment.

So explore what you are getting for your buck.

Staple free dart boards Ireland

Wiring stapled to dartboards typically results in higher bounce-out rates. The staples provide an additional impediment that prevents your darts from reaching the target, which is particularly harmful in the bullseye area.

A dartboard that is advertised as having a staple-less bullseye may not actually be completely free of staples, so keep that in mind. On the remaining wire of these dartboards, staples are frequently present.

Overall, there will be fewer bounce-outs if there are fewer staples on the dartboard.

Mounting Bracking

How to hang a dartboard is one of the queries we run into in the darts world most frequently.

There is a small warning in this that some people might miss.

A dartboard with a mounting bracket is what you want to find. Many dartboards include a wall bracket that is fastened to the dartboard's center. Because of this, mounting it to a wall or cabinet is really simple.

However, there is more. This type of centered mounting bracket makes it simple to rotate your board.


We hope you found this guide hopeful and are now ready to buy a dartboard.

We’ve got a fantastic range of dartboards, darts and accessories, check them out below.

dart boards ireland

dart boards ireland