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Sustainability Goals
sustainable development goals


Intersport Elverys is striving to make positive an increasing positive impact on our planet, particularly in regard to the products we sell.

Impact Choice is the first step in that journey and it is a criteria, devised by Intersport, which products must meet if they are to be deemed positively impact on the environment.  

80% of our carbon footprint comes from the production and materials used in the products we sell. That is why these areas are a key focus for Impact Choice. 

Impact Choice Criteria

Intersport Elverys work with many brands and they are all at different points in their sustainability journey. 

Furthermore, they all use differing certifications and innovations. As a consumer, understanding which products have a genuine positive impact can be unclear. 

sustainable development goalsImpact Choice makes identification between product and planet protection much simpler.

To see more on certifications and criteria, check out Intersport's Blog. 

Regardless of the brand’s terminology, for a product to be highlighted as Impact Choice it must meet at least one of the two Impact Choice criteria.

 - The entire product must be certified by a recognised standard.

 - At least one main component must use a minimum of 50% responsible materials or technologies.

Forbidden Criteria

Regardless of the criteria above, a product will not be considered Impact Choice if it contains:

 - PFCs

 - Biocides

 - Wool from mulesed sheep

 - Down/feathers from live-plucked or force fed birds

Find a full list of approved standards, certifications, materials and technologies via the link below.


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